DGO's Story (so far)

Da Green Is MY HOBBY.

Yes it is a fully legal limited company. However it is also a small Garage operation which I want to keep that way.

Da Green

Da Green Started as my hobby blog in around 2010.

After joining FaceBook in about 2016 I was introduced to

another maker through a common friend. Our association lasted for about 18 months to 2 years until it broke up.

Da Green continues to make models for hobby and distributes them through DGO's I.P.

DGO continues to produce models for the community and helping where it can.

So often i've seen videos and blogs as well as hints-tips and tricks by good folks. Well at DGO it's done for real. Real modeling and real world casting real world frustration and achievements. Nothing hidden. If you want to do it yourself then here it is.

The DGO models are too many to run the whole range for a single person so it now offers many of them on Copyleft and licensing agreements to others who would like to both learn moulding / casting techniques as well as prosper in some way for themselves and the good of the community.

I hope that DGO continued projects are found useful to the community as it continues in the future.

You don't have to purchase any models to be a "Member" EVER.

All we ask you to do is participate in model design and discussions on modeling, Various gaming rules and techniques.

The shop is here because its a useful to us as members. This is a modeling hobby site mostly for Ork fans but techniques apply across the board. If we can convert you to playing Orks then its even better.

Da Green

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Da Green One Ltd 

3rd Floor 86 - 90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE

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