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"Da Green One is a modeling community first.

It's for making our stuff a reality with all the faults of a community and all the benefits too. I wan't it to stay that way."

Da Green

Da Green has been going for a couple of years now and as you know I just love making the models. DGO is community based too. This means that you reading this... yes you... have an invested interest in some of the models, (I know your not gonna love everything, let's be honest!).

Now we all want some outrageous models like 90cm tall walkers with full weapons options and that's only possible by huge companies or through community activity and not a single person with a shed / suitcase load of cash! Oh and yes try to do it on the cheap without sacrificing the quality. 

So this way we get something that we want...

So here it is... Our first Kickstarter

This model was chosen by a poll of our facebook page of 86 "Armourcast" Variant

to-55 modern variant. Enough to suggest we are going to do this twice

Armorcast is a company who exist and are very pre-eminent in the history of the game and models. They had a very specific look and feel to their models back in the day.

We are NOT copying or recasting any of their models or parts but we want to achieve a look and feel of the period with similar resins and design characteristics.

As a community we will choose the variant and how tall its supposed to be.

I get to build it which makes me very happy.

Nothing to see here yet. It's our first one

Everything is nice and new so no new stuff yet but you can see some of the old discontinued stuff.

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