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Welcome back  to Da Green One.

I've added a few areas like the forum to have a say and talk about projects and other things coming up.

Please use it and look when you come on just in case there is anything happening in Da Green.

Other than that it's just cracking on with projects and posting bits up.

So many gamers and modellers have joined up and I would like  to thank you and I hope you enjoy Da Green One.

There are quite a few new features and i have hidden them for a little while whilst we get used to the new site.

Have a look around and please remember to go to the "members" in the drop down menu and add to your card there. There are a few things you can post in the forum and talk as well as ask stuff as normal and don't forget there is the useful " file share" where you can find freebies and add to the files too.

Just in case... Becoming a subscriber to the mailing list doesn't make you a member. You still ned to become a member to join. I hope that helps.

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